Founder Friday: July 21st, 2023

Bringing Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to renewable energy projects requires a lot of moving parts.  We decided we wanted to share more of the behind the scenes of what is happening at Plural via this weekly newsletter where I (Adam Silver, co-founder and CEO of Plural Energy) share some updates and weekend reading for those interested in the space.

Asset Partners

Asset partners are the renewable energy companies that we work with to tokenize equity of their projects and complete a public security token offering.  These are the companies whose projects you will be investing in!

This week we had amazing progress on the asset partner front.  While I can't go into too many specifics, we came to agreement with three different renewable energy companies to tokenize assets and launch on-chain.  Combined, these three companies will contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to Plural's tokenization pipeline.

Get your friends and family on the waitlist!

If you're getting this, you're on our waitlist! Our waitlist not only will get prioritized allocation in future security token offerings via Plural, but will also A.) get early access to investments and B.) be eligible for cash rewards in the future.

This is not a first come first serve waitlist either – the more people you refer, the higher your rank on the waitlist.  So make sure to go to and get your referral code to share with people across your network.


Over the past few weeks we've shared a lot more on what is happening at Plural.

  1. Last night, I spoke on a panel at the House of Web3 in San Francisco's Presidio about building regulated, safe products on the blockchain.

  1. Our first blog post highlighting the state of play when it comes to renewable energy finance and the role that Plural intends to play.

  2. Announcement on Plural's Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) launched in partnership with Eclipse.

Here is a list of some stuff written or spoken by others that we really like:

  1. Justin Slaughter's mega thread explaining the newest crypto bill

  2. Bankless Episode on Ripple win vs. The SEC

  3. Catalyst Episode on Carbon Capture

  4. A Crypto Future

Coming up!

  1. Next week, I'll be appearing on the DePIN state podcast on Tuesday 7/25 at 11:30AM.  Tune in live or watch the recording on the DePIN state YouTube channel.

  2. Tune in on Thursdsay 7/27 to Farcaster or twitter spaces to see me discuss the state of regulated crypto with our friends at  Follow my twitter as well as Plural Energy's to get the link. We'll share the recording here!

  3. Shaila Bolger, a University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Candidate, will be guest writing a post next week on institutional capital access to renewable energy investments.  We'll share that here as well!

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