Founder Friday: July 28th, 2023

Happy Friday and welcome to our thousands of new supporters and community members. It was another big week of action at Plural that I am excited to share more about.

Asset Partners

This was our 5th week in a row where renewable energy companies were referred to or discovered Plural seeking new solutions for capital formation. We're now in a position where we can be picky about which projects enter our ecosystem. We will begin the regulatory filing process in the weeks to come for our first security token offering.

Get your friends and family on the waitlist!

If you're getting this, you're on our waitlist! Our waitlist not only will get prioritized allocation in future security token offerings via Plural, but will also A.) get early access to investments and B.) be eligible for cash rewards in the future.

This is not a first come first serve waitlist either – the more people you refer, the higher your rank on the waitlist.  So make sure to go to and get your referral code to share with people across your network.


  1. Earlier today I appeared on the DePIN State Podcast talking about Plural and our DePIN network, Illuminet.

  1. The founders of Poet.Network, Plural Energy, and other regulated crypto technologies came together to speak on FarCaster via Unlonely. Find us on twitter to see!

Here is a list of some stuff written or spoken by others that we really like:

  1. Kyle Samani Thread on RWAs

  2. SBF has charges dropped against him...

  3. IRS (finally) releases guidance on Tax Credit Transferability in the United States

  4. New article from Coindesk on RWAs, definitely worth the read

Coming up!

  1. Tune in on Friday August 4th to Farcaster or Twitter Spaces @PluralEnergy to see me discuss the state of regulated crypto with and other founders.

  2. Shaila Bolger, a University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Candidate, will be guest writing a post next week on institutional capital access to renewable energy investments.  We'll share that here as well!

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